We're building a revolutionary payments platform

Helping you get paid faster, easier, better, and protecting your revenue!

Our team is constantly innovating to develop the best payments platform, and tools to help grow your business!

Keep The Whole Pie

Stop paying processing fees. Our dual pricing program calculates and displays a card and cash price so you keep 100% of your hard earned money every time.*

Send Invoices

Email or txt customers an invoice created through our system or attach your own! Invoices display both card and cash prices so customer can be fully informed before paying.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept contactless card and Apple Pay payments directly from iPhone no additional hardware required!

Accept Payments
On the Go

Our iPhone and Android app makes accepting payments in the field a breeze. Accept contactless payments right from your phone (no additional hardware required) send invoices and payment links and quickly look up recent transactions.


We've added robust security measures that help prevent chargebacks and keep your payments safe including address, street, and zip verification as well as 3D secure to payment invoices.

Online Dashboard

View transactions and deposits, send invoices, and accept payments through our online dashboard.

ACH Payments

Accept ACH payments from customers who prefer bank transfer for a lower price.

Clean Reporting

Unlike other processors who have tried and failed to implement a true dual pricing program, your sales and deposits will match perfectly.


No PCI Compliance questionnaire requirements, annual PCI fees, or vague non-compliance charges.

How do I communicate this to my customers?

We have combined answers to the biggest objections and a step-by-step process to make implementing this program a success for your business!

*Zulio increases your regular price 4.00% to cover all processing fees. Want to keep $50.00? - Customer pays $52.00 - Your deposit is exactly $50.00. Payments manually keyed have a $1.00 minimum fee added, and card present transactions have a 35¢ minimum fee added.
We also offer ACH payment options for transactions (of any amount) with a flat $8.00 ACH processing fee.

Our goal is for you to keep 100% of your hard-earned money.

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Get started
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Get started
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